Education is the soul of a nation, the key to its secured future but it is a well-known fact that Nigeria’s educational sector is deteriorating. This ugly state of the country’s education has been attributed over time to a number of factors including underfunding, low-quality teaching personnel, poor infrastructure, and poverty of curriculums and absence of dedicated practitioners. The foundation of the Nigeria education is weak and if nothing else is done to rebuild it, the hope of our unborn children cannot be guaranteed.

This project will pave way for a better future for the country, because most of the topics are absence in most school curriculums e.g. life skill acquisition by corpers, and sometimes these children wish they had someone to express themselves and confide in apart from their parents, teachers or friends.

The friends of GCC are a Group established primarily to assist or benefit a specific or series of project, a program, and the entire organization. They could assist in the areas of education, technology, fundraising, sexual reproductive health education etc.  Teaching girls the idea of consent and how to stay safe, creating a safe space that they would be able to express themselves and not be ashamed to do so.

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