Year: 2021

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Six Years of Schooling in Kaduna State Six years ago, GCC took a group of 100 students from various IDP camps in Maiduguri to various secondary schools in Kaduna State to study. For the next 6 years, GCC assumed the responsibility of their parents, sponsors, friends and everything as none of them had been to […]

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[kc_row use_container=”yes” _id=”482669″][kc_column width=”12/12″ video_mute=”no” _id=”24806″][kc_title text=”VEhFIERFQU5TIExJU1QgT0YgUkVDT0dOSVRJT04hISE=” _id=”849538″ post_title=”yes” type=”h4″ css_custom=”{`kc-css`:{`any`:{`title-style`:{`text-align|+.kc_title,.kc_title,.kc_title a.kc_title_link`:`center`}}}}”][kc_single_image image_size=”full” _id=”601540″ image_source=”media_library” image=”11130″][kc_column_text _id=”452630″] We proudly announce that we already have two (2) out of our students that have made it to the Dean’s list [/kc_column_text][kc_button text_title=”Read more” icon=”fab-readme” icon_position=”left” _id=”98508″ show_icon=”yes” link=”||_blank”][/kc_column][/kc_row] Spread the love

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