Girls for Girls Project

In a world where opportunities for young girls are limited, the Girls for Girls project, which is a transformative initiative partnership between Girl Child Concerns with Education Cannot Wait sought to break barriers and empower girls aged 10 to 16 years in Borno State, Nigeria. The project, sponsored by UNICEF was designed to increase access to education and create safe spaces where these young girls could learn, grow, and thrive in various endeavors. The focus areas were Maiduguri Metropolitan Council and Jere Local Government Area, both were deeply affected by humanitarian crises that disadvantaged a lot of girls.  

The G4G project left a significant impact on the region, touching the lives of numerous girls. In total, the project reached out to more than 80 stakeholders with messages on girls’ education, formed 100 G4G groups at the school level, and trained 486 group leaders in life skills and leadership, and 1500 girls are participating in the safe space in the target schools. The scope was extensive, ensuring that the project reached all 50 target schools.One crucial aspect of the project was the development of the G4G training manual. This manual was meticulously designed to address the specific challenges faced by girls in Borno State, ensuring that it was not just relevant but also practical for the region. It served as an invaluable resource for educators, guiding their efforts in providing essential life skills training to the girls.

The G4G project was a shining example of collaboration, dedication, and commitment toward addressing gender disparities thereby promoting gender equality. By empowering girls through education and fostering safe spaces for their growth and development, the project has laid the foundation for a brighter and more equitable future for girls in Borno State. The dedication and support of stakeholders in both LGAs were instrumental in the project’s success, ensuring that its positive impact will be felt for years to come. This initiative stands as a powerful reminder of the transformative power of investing in girls’ education and creating safe spaces for their empowerment, which is key to their lives. 


Girl Child Concerns, GCC, in collaboration with UNICEF, commences a two-in-a-week phone-in radio program on life skills for girls in Borno State. GCC’s Program Lead, Ummulkhairi Usman alongside Hajiya Uwani Usman was featured in the first episode of the program at Al-Ansar Radio, Maiduguri, where the overview of the project was discussed. Listeners from different parts of the Maiduguri and Jere Local Government Area participated in the program via a phone call.

Girls for Girls Project: The District of Head Maisandari, Alhaji Abba Bukar alongside Malam Ali Adam Albagawi discussed “Breaking Barriers: the Importance of Girls’ Education” at Al-Ansar Radio in Maiduguri, on Monday, July 5th, 2023. Residents from Maiduguri and its environs participated and contributed to the program via a phone call. In the discussion, the guests and contributors concluded that the importance of girls’ education cannot be overemphasized.

The third episode of the Girls for Girls phone-in radio program has been successfully done at Al-Ansar Radio, Maiduguri. The topic discussed was “Empowering Girls: life skills for Success,” by two outstanding ladies. Residents from Maiduguri participated in the program via a phone call. #EducationForAll #WorldBank #AGILE #bornoninstagram #BornOnThisDay #girls #KeepingGirlsInSchool #unicef #educationforall #UNICEF #safespace

The fourth episode of the Girls for Girls radio program with the topic “Overcoming Obstacles: Stories of Resilient Girls” initiated by Girl Child Concerns, GCC, supported by UNICEF and Education Cannot Wait has been successfully done at Al-Ansar Radio in Maiduguri, on July 10th, 2023.

Fifth Episode: Community leaders Lawan Boloriman Masu and Lawan Zanna Umar champion girls’ education in a vibrant discussion on the Girls for Girls, #G4G, Radio Program. Together with GCC, @unicef , and Education Cannot Wait , they empower young girls in Maiduguri! #EducationForAll #CommunityLeaders #safespace #educationcannotwait📚 #WorldBank #AGILE #bornoninstagram #BornOnThisDay #girls #KeepingGirlsInSchool #unicef #educationforall #UNICEF #safespace #ministryofeducation

Changing Mindset: Challenging gender stereotypes in education

Changing Mindset: Challenging gender stereotypes in education

Girls for Girls Project
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